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Using sterling silver and gold-filled wire, leather cord, and silk thread, I wrap and weave gemstones, crystal, shell, and diverse types of pearls into unique, vibrant works of art. My favorite material is diverse colors and forms of pearls (keshi, flat, round, baroque, mabé). I strive to juxtapose pearls and gemstones into complex patterns I see in nature. My work has an Asian aesthetic invoking a vitality that transcends the materials and brings beauty and harmony to the jewelry and to the wearer.


Purchasing My Jewelry and Client Care

I exhibit and sell my work at juried fine art and fine craft shows throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. I'm a people person, so I get to make a lot of new friends this way. Often I have the privilege to work with customers on special orders, including wedding jewelry. To order my jewelry, customers can contact me via email, telephone, text, or through this website. Having a satisfied client is always a joy!

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Have a question about my jewelry? Did you see a piece of mine at a show recently and wish to order? I'd love to hear from you! To work with me on a custom order, just drop me a line. I look forward to serving you!

Pearl Jewelry By Jenny Wang

Tallahassee, Florida

Email: jennywpearls@gmail.com Tel: (850) 566-1848